#EndRape Campaign

 Breaking the  Culture!!!!

It’s been an overwhelming month with the prevalent cases of rape and the gruesome murder of some of the victims. There have been protests both online and offline as people lend out their voices to condemn the increased number of rape of young girls and children which has become a societal norm. Many gender activists have called on the government to prescribe capital punishments for rapists and to speed up the court processes for cases that are ongoing as this will show commitment by the government to punish perpetrators’. Our organization DEAN Initiative carried out a 2 weeks online campaign using dedicated hashtags to speak against this heinous crime which is gradually becoming the new norm in our society. We also engaged our volunteers to take action in speaking against this act in their community and on their social media handles. We were emphatic that this new trend won’t be accommodated in our society and as an organization, we are committed to collaborating with other civil society organizations to do all we can to ensure that women, girls, and children feel safe in our communities.

So we encourage you to take a stand with us as we #StandAgainstRape and all other forms of violence.#EndRape 

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