Economic Skills Training for Low Income Earning Women

Problem Statement

In Nigeria, women constitute over 60% of the poorest people. According to IMF statistics, Nigeria has over an 81million people in extreme poverty which translates to approximately 52 million women in the clutches of extreme poverty.

The Covid 19 pandemic has affected a lot of businesses, which has led most people especially women to lose their jobs. A lot of women do not have economic skills that increase their income.

Women in Nigeria are less active in the labor market; more likely to be in lower-earning opportunities like farming and informal jobs.

Project Objectives

The objective of the Economic Skill Training for Low Income Earning Women is to Train Women with Skills that will be an additional income to them. The Training would enhance the skills of women and enable them to have a side income to run their daily spending.

The second objective of this training is to solve some global challenges in the world like:

  1. Reducing the rate of hunger especially in the Covid 19 pandemic
  2. Promoting good health and well being
  3. Climate Action
  4. Financial Literacy

Project Goal

The Goal of the project is to see Economic vibrant rural communities, where women have gained financial skills to drive rural development and eliminate all forms of inequalities, poverty, and marginalization.


The Activities that will be carried out to achieve the Goal of this Project are as follows:

  1. Selection of 20 low-income women within the Gwagwalada community.
  2. Training on sustainable confectionary skills such as:
  3. Green skill training on waste recycling and upscaling
  4. Training on liquid soap making, hand sanitizers, and gel


The outcome of the project will be that At least 20 women are trained and have an additional skill that will increase their income.

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