Youth opportunity training (YOT)

Project statement

Youths’  unemployment  in  Nigeria  has  been on an increase as numbers of  yearly graduates from

Youths’ unemployment in Nigeria has been on an increase as numbers of yearly graduates from institutions of higher learning continued to increase, due to the fact most youth are not equipped with the necessary skill required to be employed or are not able to develop good content either when applying for a job to earn a living or to further pursue a career abroad. The unemployment and underemployment rate according to NBS as of 2018 rose to 23.1 percent and 16.6 percent respectively.

Project description

Youth opportunity training (YOT) is aimed at equipping/enhancing youths with digital skills, scholarships & job application opportunities and 21st century cv/resume creation template. TOY is targeted at 20 youth particularly undergraduates, serving & ex corps members within G/lada Area Council of the Fct both male and female.


  • A google form would be created to be filled by interested youth, who want to be beneficiary of the training.
  •  Participant would be divided in two group, 10 in each group making it 20 participants in total.
  • A 2 weeks intense training for participant. YOT is expected to be a week for each group. Training is to start by 10am on each day.

Overall Goal

  • Is to acquaint participant with necessary digital & content development skills required to become entrepreneurs and also further make them employable, so as to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country.


  • Equip participant with digital skills like web creation & development, graphic design.
  • Enlighten and teach youth on how to apply for jobs & scholarship
  • Exposing participant to 21st century cv template


  • We hope to have more youth that have the right skills needed in the 21st century labor market.
  •  reduce the rate of unemployment in the country at large.
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